Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) help individuals to overcome and prevent communication problems in language, speech, voice, fluency, social skills as well as oral motor/feeding and swallowing. We are a group of highly trained individuals that will assess, evaluate and develop an appropriate speech and language program centered around your child. Speech-Language Pathologists collaborate with other health care professionals, such as the Special Educator and Occupational Therapist, often working as part of a multidisciplinary team in order to best support the needs of each individual child.

Language: The SLP will help children with both receptive (what they hear and understand) as well as expressive (what they can say) language skills. This area is very broad and encompasses many different types of skills, including vocabulary, grammar and concept development.

Speech: The SLP will help children develop age appropriate articulation skills, improve overall intelligibility, so the child is better understood by peers, improve the fluency of a child who stutters, improve a child’s vocal quality, and much more.

Pragmatics/Social Skills: The SLP can help children to understand socially appropriate and inappropriate behavior, improve eye contact, respond to greetings, request appropriately, take turns, and interact with peers and adults using appropriate communication.

Oral Motor/ Feeding/ Swallowing: The SLP will help a child work on oral motor skills to strengthen the muscles needed to eat and drink appropriately. The SLP will often work closely with the Occupational Therapist in order to develop a thorough plan for the child. Through a variety of play and structured activities, including sensory activities, the child will work on improving his/her ability to suck, chew and swallow.

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