Our self contained classroom is for preschool children ages 3, 4, and 5; who require a highly structured classroom setting with a high student/staff ratio. The classroom contains only students with special needs, with the goal of getting them prepared with the necessary skills to join one of our integrated programs.

Self-Contained Special Needs Program | Latham, NY

Who staffs the classroom? Our self contained classrooms are run by a Special Educator, and three Teacher Assistants. Related Service Providers such as Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Counselors, etc. are found within the classroom at various times throughout the day/week, based on students needs.

What services are provided? Occupational Therapy, Speech, Physical Therapy, Play Therapy, Counseling, Service Coordination, Psychological Services, Vision Services and Social Work are available within the program. Based on the needs of the children and the goals being addressed, qualified therapists will be in the program from one to five days per week. Services provided will be push in (special services given to the children within the classroom) when and wherever possible. Pull out services (special services given to the children outside of the classroom) will be given when the activity or the goal worked on requires a separate space. Individual and group services will be given as they are described in the Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

What are the program hours? Our self contained classroom is 5 hours long, and takes place from 9:00AM, until 2:00PM. Programs are based on each child’s individual needs, which are determined and approved by the Committee on Special Education.

What is the program calendar? A program calendar is created and given to parents when their child enters the program. This calendar creates program availability from September through June. Summer session services may be approved by the school district, if appropriate. The calendar, which closely replicates a typical school calendar, will include specific vacations, staff development days and holidays when children will not be in attendance.

Who do I contact for more information? If you are interested in learning more about programs and their availability, contact Stephanie by phone at (518) 782-1178 or by e-mail at stephanie@achievements.org.

Self-Contained Special Needs Program | Latham, NY