Physical therapists at Achievements utilize a play- based approach to help children improve development of age- appropriate gross motor skills (these are movements of the large muscle groups of the body). Our physical therapists work with children to help them be successful and safe when accessing their school and community environments and to interact effectively with their same-age peers. This includes:

  • Stationary skills- a child’s ability to sustain control of his/her body within its center of gravity and to maintain equilibrium.
  • Locomotion skills- a child’s ability to move from one place to another, such as crawling, walking, running, hopping, and jumping forward.
  • Object manipulation- a child’s ability to manipulate balls of various sizes, which includes catching, throwing and kicking.

Physical therapy sessions may occur in the classroom, gymnasium, or on the playground and may use games, balance beams, trampolines, balls, obstacle courses and other tools. We engage children in games and fun activities which give them opportunities to practice and acquire age-appropriate gross motor skills in a safe and nurturing environment.

For more information, or to secure physical therapy services for your child, please contact today.